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Spiral Scouts

Our sign ups for this year of Spiral Scouts will be rescheduled

West Melbourne Public Library
2755 Wingate Blvd.
West Melbourne, FL 32904

There is a $20 registration fee for each child. Parents only need to register themselves if they want to be an official volunteer. If you are a  groups or companies, or know of one that may want to sponsor us please let us know. Sponsorship will help cover the Circle Formation fee of $50, pay for supplies and help with child registration costs. We do not want to turn anyone any child if the family can't afford the fee right now.


Scout Registration


Established in 1999 as a loosely organized children’s program at the Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC) in Index, Washington by Pete Pathfinder Davis, SpiralScouts is a program where girls and boys of minority faiths can work, grow and learn together without being made to feel uncomfortable because of their beliefs. “There needs to be a group that will include all children and families, regardless of creed, color, gender, or sexual orientation. Boys and girls should learn together, just like in the REAL world, not segregating little soldiers over here and little homemakers over there,” said Pete Davis.

SpiralScouts™ International made its public debut in 2001 after buzz on the internet about the Aquarian Tabernacle church’s program sparked the need to formalize and expand the program. The last two years has seen SpiralScouts™ International grow from a small organization governing less than a hundred Circles and Hearths, to encompass three times that many groups in the United States and Canada, and several countries around the world.

Groups range in size from single family Hearths with one or two siblings, to larger Circles of 15 to 20+ scouts, and have a range of traditional nature based activities that include both girls and boys on an equal footing. In today’s environment of drugs and gangs, TV violence, financial hardship, terrorism, and global warming, SpiralScouts™ International promotes learning, peace, environmental and personal responsibility, and community service. Its' activities are based on the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit: guiding children back to Mother Earth.

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Click to join PC0913C01-WestMelbourne

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