Central Florida Pagan Association

The Child Hunger Project of Brevard

Each week on Friday, The Children's Hunger Project will help as many elementary school children as possible to carry food  home in their backpack.

Food items include, for example, ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, milk, juice boxes, breakfast bar, cereal and other similar food items.

This type of food is kid - friendly…meaning it is lightweight, healthy and easy for the kids to handle since no cooking is required. Even if the power is out the kids can still pull the top of the can and eat Beanie Weenies.

On Monday, the kids return to school but with a better and healthier foundation for learning. Then the cycle begins again the next Friday.

At least on weekends, kids will have basic nutrition.

Please look at this list and if you can donate anything, get with us at CFPA and we will pick it up and bring it to them. 



-Comes in 8-packs 

-This brand is important due to size of container

  • PASTA ITEMS WINN-DIXIE or national brand 

-Only with pull-top lids

-Whole grain pasta only in 15-ounce cans

-Varieties include: Whole Grain Beefaroni / Whole Grain Mini ABCs / Whole Grain Lasagna


-Comes in 8-packs of shelf stable cartons Only 100% juice

-Any juice flavor in 4.23-ounce size


- Comes in 3-packs of shelf stable cartons


-WINN-DIXIE or national brand

-Comes in 6-packs of individual containers

-No added sugar preferred


      1. Canned items MUST HAVE PULL-TOP RING so that no can opener is needed
      2. Prior to donation, PLEASE DO NOT STORE FOOD IN YOUR CAR as heat will affect the quality of the food
      3. Food can be dropped off at our Melbourne location * during hours in which we will be packing food.  If it is a large amount that cannot wait until our next packing session, we will make special arrangements for someone to meet you at the location.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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