Central Florida Pagan Association

What  is Central Florida Pagan Association?


 We are happy to announce the official opening of Central Florida Pagan Association, located at 1600 W. Eau Gallie Blvd, #201-C Melbourne, Florida 32935.

We have an office space and a meeting/ritual room, a pagan reference library and much more. Moon Path Pagans will remain on Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Twitter and everywhere else but CFPA will be a physical presence in Central Florida. The only change on the internet is the Moon Path website will switch to CFPA and be the place to find out meeting and class information.

The membership of CFPA  consists of many different kinds of Pagans, who live in the central Florida area, who are interested in, life affirming and earth-based religions. We provide information on our web site about our involvement and activities within our community. We also publish a quarterly e-mail newsletter or you can find us on Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Twitter, WitchVox and Meetup!

The members practice a variety of positive life-affirming faiths, that are dedicated to harming none. We do not condone any acts that victimize others, including those proscribed by law. We absolutely condemn the practices of child abuse, sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse that does harm to any individual. We do not allow drug or alcohol use during our meetings, rituals or gatherings.

We do not recognize any hierarchy, but do honor those who teach, respect those who share their greater knowledge and wisdom.

Members must be 18 years of age or older. But families and children of members are always welcome.

Who we are?

We are normal, everyday, hard working adults who don't fall into any of the big three religions of the world. We don't worship the devil. We don't only wear black. Last time, I checked I didn't have any cats either. Explore our site, get to know us and decide for yourself!

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